Creating beautiful infographics for marketing the arts

Creating beautiful infographics for marketing the arts

By Emilia Spitz
Linda Uruchurtu


Have you ever wanted to create your own infographics for presenting data on social media in an attractive and shareable way? Originally published on the AMA blog, this guide will give you ideas and advice on planning, commissioning and producing your own data charts and infographics. It uses the development of an infographic for the Royal Opera House as an example to guide you through the process, and suggests useful tools for those on a budget.

With the surplus of visual information on the internet, a well-thought-out infographic should be able to convey a number of messages whilst looking attractive and clean. Simplicity is always best when organising and presenting data. Pie charts, bar charts, Venn diagrams, Tables, Word clouds are all fine, but they shouldn't be thrown together in the same chart. Pick just a few that work.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013