Building the evidence for culture and health

Building the evidence for culture and health

By Northwest Culture Observatory


Organisations are more readily working in partnership to create various initiatives and approaches to improve health and well-being.  Whilst cultural organisations are committed to this there is a need to evidence the impact and efficacy of work with health sector organisations. This publication is split into three sections. The first includes a model of well-being and recommendations for evidencing the benefits of culture and health relationships. You'll also find case studies and exemplar projects from the northwest region who have undertaken evaluation to form a body of proof. The second includes advice on promoting your work, informing strategy and investment, and signposting towards policy, strategic and research frameworks. And finally, the third outlines a directory of specialist projects, institutes and departments.

Connected, Oldham’s creative arts network facilitates a support and training group for mental health workers and artists involved in arts and mental health projects in Oldham. An art user’s forum at Gallery Oldham enables artists, mental health service staff and users to meet, exhibit their work, share ideas, and offer input into the development of the network. Manchester Start Arts in Health Project and the city’s Adult Education Service work as partners under the project title Partnership by Design, to offer staff training, joint working opportunities and mentoring. This enables staff from both organisations to offer more responsive teaching approaches that help Start students and others with mental health needs to succeed in adult education settings.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013