Understanding the contemporary craft market in a changing economy

Understanding the contemporary craft market in a changing economy

By Morris Hargreaves McIntyre


A study that provides market intelligence and essential information for contemporary craft makers and suppliers of craft. The aims of the study are to understand market size, motivations and other contributors to craft purchases, and the growth potential of the contemporary craft market size in England, and how the market might evolve in response to broader consumer trends.

In the survey of those in the craft market i.e. buyers and potential buyers, respondents were given a list of 29 words and asked to select the attributes that they would associate with each of four categories – craft, design, luxury brands and art.

  • The results suggest that whilst the word ‘craft’ shares some perceived attributes with these related fields, it also has a distinctive set of associations of its own.
  • The word ‘craft’ is most closely associated
with terms suggesting authenticity and
quality, particularly the words ‘handmade’, ‘workmanship’ and ‘genuine’. It is also the word most likely to be seen as associated with the terms ‘personal’ and ‘for everyone’.
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Craft Intelligence Motivations
Resource type: Research | Published: 2013