Cultural Democracy in Practice

Cultural Democracy in Practice

By 64 Million Artists
Arts Council England


An Arts Council England guide with 64 Million Artists to support those who are interested in finding out more about Cultural Democracy and exploring how they might put it into practice.

‘If Cultural Democracy has an ideal, it is not some distant heaven towards which we are guided by a priesthood, but the quality of what we are doing, sharing, living now. It is about making sense of where we are, through creative and artistic interaction with others. It’s about working out for ourselves what we think is good and why, always remembering that others think differently for equally valid reasons.’

Francois Matarasso

The term Cultural Democracy describes an approach to arts and culture that actively engages everyone in deciding what counts as culture, where it happens, who makes it, and who experiences it. It is not a new concept, but it’s one that seems to be gaining focus across arts and culture. It’s also often misunderstood or misused within the cultural sector.

This fulsome report covers:

  • What is cultural democracy
  • Cultural democracy - some whys
  • Moving towards cultural democracy : embedding values
  • Cultural democracy in practice - a brief how to...
  • How to open up decision making (governance and leadership)
  • How to use creativity to influence other areas of civic life

Plus a range of case studies including Fun Palaces, Slung Low, Derby Museum, Citizen Curators and more.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2019