An overview of MOSAIC profiling groups

An overview of MOSAIC profiling groups

By The Audience Agency


MOSAIC is a consumer classification system that gives you access to a vast range of demographic data. This guide provides a handy one-line overview of Mosaic groups and types.

From September 2010, Audiences London's Snapshot London benchmarking package has analysed box office and other audience data using the Mosaic 2009 Groups and Types. The number of Groups and Types that Mosaic identifies in its population segmentation has expanded, and with that richer insights are now available into such aspects as elderly populations, ethnic minorities and people's use of the internet and technologies. This guide gives a brief overview of the segment names and an outline of who they include.

Alpha Territory: people with substantial wealth who live in the most sought after neighbourhoods

  • Global Power Brokers: wealthy and ambitious high flyers living in the very best urban areas
  • Voices of Authority: influential thought leaders in comfortable and spacious city homes
  • Business Class: business leaders approaching retirement, living in large family homes in the most prestigious residential suburbs
  • Serious Money: families with considerable wealth living in large, exclusive detached houses where money is seemingly no object

Professional Rewards: experienced professionals in successful careers enjoying financial comfort in suburban or semi-rural homes

  • Mid-career Climbers: families enjoying the fruits of career success in pleasant detached houses
  • Yesterday's Captains: retired couples enjoying pensions gained from successful careers, still living in the homes where they raised families
  • Distinctive Success: successful business people, often self-made, living in large detached houses in semi-rural locations
  • Dormitory Villagers: comfortably off families in spacious homes in pleasant settings but within easy reach of jobs
  • Escape to the Country: families choosing to give their children a country lifestyle while commuting to urban jobs or running businesses from home
  • Parish Guardians: couples approaching retirement age with ample income living in very pleasant rural locations

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An overview of MOSAIC profiling groups (PDF)

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