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22nd October 2019 Carol Jones

Creative People and Places: Digital Engagement and Opportunities

By: The Audience Agency

This report by The Audience Agency was commissioned by Arts Council England to help them understand the ways in which Creative People and Places (CPP) projects are currently using digital tools and technologies; for communications, evaluation and collaboration purposes, to reach and engage more people and as part of the creative and artistic programme.

The Culture is Digital report, published in 2018, noted that digital tools and technologies provide a potential route to help CPPs to reach a broader audience, develop engaging activities and empower communities.

The research also identifies digital challenges faced by CPPs and where the opportunities lie to use digital technologies to further engage communities.

It includes a set of recommendations, relevant to both CPPs and the wider cultural sector, about how to build upon current practice to make the most effective use of the available technologies.

CPPs are at the forefront of a model and practice that is referred to as ‘cultural democracy’ - which represents the overlap between the cultural sector and wider trends in participatory democracy and citizen-centred code sign of public and other services. Findings on CPPs’ digital practice and the further opportunities, may well be applicable to the wider arts and cultural sector in how they shift to being more driven by their communities.

The insights in this report are based on primary research with all CPPs plus some of their beneficiaries and collaborators. It also draws on useful examples of best practice in relation to digital engagement and development from the cultural sector outside CPPs and the wider third sector.

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| Published:2019

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