My essential reads: cultural value and evaluation

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My essential reads: cultural value and evaluation

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By Dr Beatriz Garcia, Centre for Cultural Value


Are you thinking about approaches to evaluation and impact and how best to capture cultural value? How has cultural evaluation evolved and why have some approaches become more dominant?

Beatriz Garcia shares five recommended reads to help deepen your understanding of approaches to evaluation.

Beatriz's essential reads include examples from the 1990s to set the scene and take us through to more recent works that help us understand current best practice in evaluation.

"...we are still debating best practices in evaluation, trying to find the balance between robust evaluation, accessible evaluation, comparative evaluation and holistic evaluation frameworks. It is important to remember that these questions are not new and to ensure we build on previous practices as well as working to push this field forward – and advancing the case for complementary evaluation techniques, including more qualitative and creative evaluation frameworks."

Our series of My Essential Reads features academics and practitioners sharing their top recommended reading in an area of cultural value.

Published: 2021
Resource type: Essential reads