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How to… fail well

Do you find it hard to talk about things that don’t work? How easy is it to be honest about stories of failure?

Talking about failure in the cultural sector can be uncomfortable. But this how-to guide will help you to re-frame failure, to learn and reflect and to recognise how to fail well.

Group of 4 dancers on pavement next to railings by a river
Photo: The Lowry

The Centre for Cultural Value and the Arts Marketing Association’s knowledge hub, culturehive are working together to help create a better understanding of the differences that culture makes to people’s lives.

Latest resources

Image shows the inside of a white cupboard space. Inside on the right hand side is a seated person in dark clothes wearing a gas mark. They are bent over as it's a confined space. At the front of the image is an aerosol can. To the left hand side is a small pot plant.
Theater in Quarantine - Mask Study 1, created by Jon Levin, Katie Rose McLaughlin and Joshua William Gelb; April 1, 2020 Pictured: Joshua William Gelb

Covid-19 and the global cultural and creative sector


Adult at left hand side of image has hands in the air with group of children with excited faces
Together to the Workhouse Door, with Sinfonia Viva, Orchestras Live. Photo: Charlie Jepson

Evaluation principles

Multiple open books showing text pages
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How to… find existing research

Sketches of infographics
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How to… create infographics with impact

Performers in site specific theatre
Grid Iron, Crude: An Exploration of Oil 2016. Photo: Eoin Carey
Case studies

Sharing learning: Grid Iron Theatre Company – Crude

Topic overviews

Discover curated resources designed to keep you up-to-date with current thinking and practice.

Cultural participation

Culture, health and wellbeing

Impact of Covid-19

Research and evaluation practice

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Catch up with our latest news and hear from a range of voices sharing perspectives on cultural value.

How to… guides

Two women dancing look at each other hands raised

Broker a successful academic partnership

Are you interested in working with academics to create new knowledge and amplify understanding?

Two women in a park drawing on a map on a table

Co-commission research

Have you ever wanted to do research but didn’t have either the resources or expertise to do it alone? If the answer is yes, this guide might be what you’re looking for.

My essential reads

Child looks at older woman, both doing crafts

Cultural democracy

What is cultural democracy and how have ideas about cultural democracy – from the radical to the pragmatic – influenced policy and practice?

Older people and young girl facing camera with hands crossed over their chests

Co-creating value though audience engagement

How can cultural value be co-created with audiences in a democratic and collaborative way?

Small boy singing down microphone

Value(s) in cultural participation

Are you thinking about participation and the different values we all bring to our experience of culture?

Members of an audience standing and looking forward

Understanding audiences

When we think about audience research, are we hoping to engage people who are new to the arts, deepen the experience of those who already attend, or demonstrate the cultural value of live arts events?