About CCV

About the partnership

The Centre for Cultural Value and the Arts Marketing Association’s knowledge hub, culturehive are working together to help create a better understanding of the differences that culture makes to people’s lives.


The partnership has led to the development of a new section of CultureHive. It includes resources on research, evaluation and critical reflection.

We want to help make academic research more relevant and accessible and to promote useful and rigorous approaches to evaluation and learning.  So if you’re thinking about how you can better evaluate the impact of your work, or how you can use research insights and critical reflection in your practice, our resources on cultural value are here to help.

We’re looking forward to working with you so as a sector we can better articulate and capture the differences culture makes.

Team of creative millennial coworkers collaborating in a startup brainstorming strategies

Latest resources

Research digest: Older people - culture, community, connection
Yorkshire Dance. Dance On. Photo by Sara Teresa

Research digest: Older people – culture, community, connection

How to… write a learning case study
Wakefield Council's Festival of the Moon. Photo Andrew Benge

How to… write a learning case study


Photo of an actor standing on a platform in front of water. A projection of a person in the background.
Slung Low, Flood Part 4. Image: Malcolm Johnson

Sharing learning: Slung Low – Flood

Group dancing on a stage with rainbow-coloured material. Person in foreground holding material above their head.
Dance to Health Norwich. Photo: Becky Demmen

How to… co-create an evaluation

Group of 4 dancers on pavement next to railings by a river
Image: The Lowry

How to… fail well