Evaluation principles

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Evaluation principles

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By Centre for Cultural Value


These evaluation principles are a sharing of ideas to inform how evaluation is carried out and used in the cultural sector.

They have been co-created by the Centre for Cultural Value with a group of over 40 representatives from across the sector (including those who do evaluation, those who use it and those whose work is evaluated).

The collaboratively produced principles are a starting point of a conversation and will evolve in response to your feedback. Let us know what you think at CCV@leeds.ac.uk

You can also find the principles on our website here.

There are 12 principles grouped under four headings. Each principle is connected to, and enables the others. Each principle also includes examples of what it might mean in practice.


Four ooloured boxes on a blue background. text in the orange box reads Beneficial, Committed to learning and/or change, Ethical, Applicable. The text in the red box reads: Robust, Rigorous, Open-minded, Proportionate. The text in the purple box reads: people-centred, Empathetic, many-voiced, Socially-engaged. Text in the green box reas: Connected, Transparent, Aware, Shared

Published: 2021

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