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Dynamic pricing solutions

A successful dynamic pricing model can embrace data to reward arts and cultural organisations with increased revenue and a better understanding of their audiences. CRM innovators Spektrix show us new ways of thinking about demand-based pricing and practical tools to turn your goals into reality

Value proposition in the performing arts

The dynamic pricing innovator Sean Kelly, founder of Vatic (dynamic pricing for performing arts and ticketed venues) looks at how we can use dynamic pricing to better understand our audiences.

How to implement dynamic pricing

The Santa Fe Opera is an international summer festival with an outdoor venue capacity of slightly over 2,200. This case study explains how initial data analysis by The Pricing Institute confirmed a slight but steady decline in the Opera’s capacity and revenue over a series of seasons. You’ll find details about how the opera responded … Read more

Chicago Symphony Orchestra: the impact of dynamic pricing

This case study presents how the Chicago Symphony Orchestra used a sophisticated pricing strategy to reverse a decade of decline in sales. The author describes how a radical change in the orchestra’s business practices – such as introducing innovative programming, customer service as well as dynamic pricing – helped to increase audiences and subsequently sales revenue.

How to increase ticket sales through dynamic pricing

This case study explains how The Place – a centre for contemporary dance in the middle of London – introduced a new pricing system for all their performances in 2001. After fifteen months closed for refurbishment, the theatre re-opened with five new main prices, all with different booking conditions. The strategy described in this case study … Read more