Using a library as an arts incubator

Using a library as an arts incubator

By Holly Storck-Post


Since 2004, the Children’s Writer-in-Residence programme funded by the Associates of the Boston Public Library, has been providing emerging children’s writers with financial support and a quiet space needed to complete one literary piece of work. This programme is a great example of a library serving as an arts incubator. By providing an office and a stipend (internship), the writer is given the opportunity to dedicate time to their writing. The library's collections can also provide a source of inspiration.


  • Provide an emerging children’s writer with the financial support and office space needed to complete one literary work for children or young adults. 
  • Encourage the imagination of young readers, and in so doing draw attention to the importance of authors and the essential role they perform in nurturing developing minds and furthering our culture. 
  • Promote the awareness of the Boston Public Library and its resources, by establishing a living link between library and community.
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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014