Librarycamp – an unconference for people who want to improve libraries

Librarycamp – an unconference for people who want to improve libraries

By Sue Lawson


Librarycamp is a free unconference with the agenda set by attendees on the morning of the event - a Do-It-Yourself conference. In this case study, Sue Lawson of Librarycamp UK talks about how to organise unconferences for people interested in improving libraries, and shares useful tools and resources for anyone in any field interested in bringing the unique benefits of the ‘unconference’ format to their sector.

How does it work?
Our objectives are to share our innovative projects and successes, to network with other library staff from different sectors, to learn, to talk, debate, eat cake and leave re-energised and inspired. Our target audience is anyone interested in libraries (whether you work in a library or not.) Throughout the day, participants will take part in more than 25 different sessions including workshops, round-table discussions, panels, how-tos, hacks, screenings
and more. Because attendees pitch the topics the resulting workshops are usually really diverse. They have included: DIY MOOCs for Digital Literacy, Open Source for Libraries, Library Box, Proving the Value of Public Libraries, Create a National Public Library Website, Improving Library Publishing and more.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014