How to get your audiences and visitors to take greater risks

How to get your audiences and visitors to take greater risks

By Jo Taylor
Caroline Griffin


We're in danger of not listening to our audiences enough, and under-estimating what they want from our organisations.  This guide brings to the fore some of the issues around WHY we should encourage our audiences down different paths, exploding some of the myths around the dumbing down of artistic content.  See where the synergy exists between audiences and artists who want to take risks, and learn how to take your audiences and visitors on a journey to discovering new experiences.

It’s very common for leaders of arts organisations to make assumptions about the audience – that they only want something rather superficial and un-challenging. Is this based on what the audiences really think and is it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Audiences can help to create great art and this is why:

Attitudes that help audiences make great art
1. A contextual notion of artistic risk – the risk is shared between the artist and the audience
2. A respect for the audience’s ability to understand and respond to the work
3. A real curiosity about the audience and an eagerness to enter into dialogue


Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013