How dance companies & venues can develop effective relationships

How dance companies & venues can develop effective relationships

By The Audience Agency


This resource looks at the component elements that can enhance tour booking for dance companies, and in turn build more rewarding relationships with venues and more effective marketing to and engagement with audiences. Recommendations focused on an ever more challenging environment and how to adapt to it, building effective relationships with venues, including working to understand their audiences more, how to share the communications and marketing, engage with advocates and build partnerships with other companies, venues, agencies and across catchments.

Share the communications and marketing:

  • Based on the information about audiences, enter into discussions with the venue about what marketing could effectively be achieved by the company to attract audiences – divide up the marketing tasks appropriately.
  • Consider the ‘selling points’ of the piece of work for dance-interested and non-dance- interested audiences at the venue.
  • Consider multiple marketing messages to attract different kinds of audiences from the venues’ existing and potential audiences.
  • Check the copy with the venue – make sure it’s focused towards their audiences.
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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013