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Culture Restart: second wave of findings, November 2020

The second wave of responses to the Culture Restart research by the Insights Alliance, a partnership between Baker Richards, Indigo and One Further. The research supports cultural organisations at all stages of reopening, and will track customer sentiment over six months, giving organisations instant access to audience insight and building a national picture for the benefit of the whole … Read more

AMA Freelance Benchmarking Survey 2020 — report

AMA Freelance Benchmarking Survey 2020 — report Since 2018 the AMA has been expanding its offer for the growing number of freelancers working in the arts, culture and heritage sector — from our Freelance Membership and Directory, to freelance specific rates for our events. To help us produce resources on best practice and to develop ... Read more

AMA Benchmarking Survey 2019 — executive summary

AMA Benchmarking Survey 2019 — executive summary Over 500 AMA members from across the arts, cultural and heritage sector took part in our first benchmarking survey. In the AMA Benchmarking Survey 2019 — Executive Summary we share some of the highlights from the full report. Summary The AMA member benchmarking survey looked at key benchmarking factors ... Read more

How to use research to inform marketing campaigns

How to use research to inform marketing campaigns Leo Sharrock looked at what information is readily available for arts organisations to help them segment their audiences, visitors and participants according to their lifestyles and attitudes. Many factors influence consumer behaviour and this AMA conference session explored how we should take these into account to inform ... Read more

Getting the best out of qualitative research

Getting the best out of qualitative research A seven-step guide to changing your approach to qualitative marketing research and the way you work with your research company. Start by choosing the best research company for your requirements and work closely with your suppliers to ensure the best results. Tips and advice on getting the most ... Read more

Market Research

Market Research Issue 17 / April 2015 Do we actually want to know what other people think of us? Although we may not always like the results, there comes a time when a little bit of market research is a good idea for any organisation. And you never know – it may just confirm that you are doing fantastic work. Extended ... Read more

Tried and Trending

Tried and Trending Issue 67 / Summer 2017 Keeping on trend This issue of JAM explores the theme of tried and trending. The AMA’s new Head of Programme, Lucy Jamieson, begins by reflecting on the value of tried and tested marketing and the appeal of new trends and innovations. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and ... Read more

Research and Development

Research and Development Issue 53 / January 2014 Put some research on your resolutions list. And make sure to carry it on well beyond the New Year. This winter issue of JAM is all about research and development (R&D) and includes articles from authors based in Wales, Poland and the US. Heather Maitland takes our ... Read more

Using qualitative research to inform a segmentation system

Using qualitative research to inform a segmentation system Gaining key insights from combining qualitative and quantitative research techniques at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. This article was first published in JAM (issue 33 / January 2009). Article snippet The risk-taking segments saw more films and booked further in advance than their more cautious counterparts. By combining ... Read more