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The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide | Creative Scotland

The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide is a practical resource for the increasing number of artists, makers, writers and other creatives working freelance in Scotland today. Written by Heather Parry and illustrated by Maria Stoian, it uses a highly visual combination of comics and text to highlight key issues, model scenarios and educate creative workers about how to protect themselves … Read more

Tactics for the Tightrope: creative resilience for creative communities

Part manifesto, part toolkit, Tactics for the Tightrope by Mark Robinson shows how creative resilience can be a process of resistance not co-option, and can help anyone connect, collaborate and multiply the voices of creative communities, to move from hurt to hope. Published by Future Arts Centres.

Creative Resilience Canvas – an introduction and template

Mark Robinson, Thinking Practice, takes a fresh look at creative resilience and shares his thinking on the capacity of organisations and communities of people to be productive, valued and true to self-determined core purpose and identity.

Cause-led manifesto

Cause-led manifesto Andrew McIntyre refects on the benefits of having a cause-led manifesto to inspire agile leadership and increase organisational resilience. This article was first published in JAM (issue 61 / February 2016). Article snippet This cause-led manifesto approach creates a sense of common cause and a common language to discuss that cause. It inspires agile ... Read more

The planning phase of change management

The planning phase of change management Successful change needs to be managed and that takes time. If you put in some time and planning you can make change work without too much pain. If you have skills as a leader that will help but to be successful, change needs to be carefully managed. This article ... Read more

An effective purpose statement

An effective purpose statement Three principles A strong and clear purpose helps you to make strategic decisions. It helps you realise your artistic vision, and make a real difference to your audiences, your communities, and the wider world. The best purpose statements have three characteristics: radical, expressive and vital. Assessing your purpose Most organisations have ... Read more

Defining your purpose

Defining your purpose Organisational resilience depends on people's commitment to you, which depends on a strong and shared sense of purpose. Arts, cultural and heritage organisations tend to have a strong sense of mission: we all want to make a difference in the world. But in today's uncertain funding environment, it's become a much more ... Read more