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Three people looking at a piece of outdoor public art. The artwork is made up of larger notebook pages. The page to the front of the image has the text: to leaf is

Research digest: Culture and placemaking

What is the relationship between culture and placemaking?

This digest brings together research that examines how and why arts and culture play a part in placemaking and what that means for organisations, practitioners, policymakers and funders.


Latest resources

Photo of an actor standing on a platform in front of water. A projection of a person in the background.
Slung Low, Flood Part 4. Image: Malcolm Johnson

Sharing learning: Reframing success and failure in artistic practice – Slung Low

Children watching outdoor performance through railings
Back to Ours – Back to Bransholme. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @Photomoments

Sharing learning: Fostering good working relationships with audiences and collaborators – Back To Ours

Performers in site specific theatre
Grid Iron, Crude: An Exploration of Oil 2016. Photo: Eoin Carey

Sharing learning: The challenges with staging site-specific theatre – Grid Iron Theatre Company

Sharing learning: Working in partnership with funders to foster learning - Yorkshire Dance
In Mature Company, Seacroft Grange. Photo: Aaron Howell

Sharing learning: Working in partnership with funders to foster learning – Yorkshire Dance

Dance performance
Birds of Paradise, Purposeless Movements 2019. Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

Sharing learning: Developing personal access statements – Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

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