Webinar: From implications to action: What now?

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Webinar: From implications to action: What now?

By Centre for Cultural Value


How can we all do our bit to achieve positive change in the cultural sector and beyond?

This is a recording of a session from our conference Covid-19: Changing Culture? in November 2021. The conference shared emerging findings from our Covid-19 research project and discussed implications with practitioners and policymakers.

After two days of insights and implications, in our closing session we bring together the lead researchers from our project, and you the audience, to collectively ask what now? What are recommendations and actions that we can all take with us to enact positive, lasting change?

Chair: Suzanne Alleyne. Speakers: Abigail Gilmore, University of Manchester; Sue Hayton, Centre for Cultural Value; Dave O’Brien, University of Edinburgh; Anne Torreggiani, The Audience Agency; Ben Walmsley, Centre for Cultural Value

Published: 2021
Resource type: Webinars and films