Webinar: Covid-19: Exacerbating existing inequalities?

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Webinar: Covid-19: Exacerbating existing inequalities?

By Centre for Cultural Value


The pandemic held up a mirror to the cultural sector – how did existing inequalities influence peoples’ experiences during Covid?

This is a recording of a session from our conference Covid-19: Changing Culture? in November 2021. The conference shared emerging findings from our Covid-19 research project and discussed implications with practitioners and policymakers.

Evidence shows that Covid-19 is exacerbating existing inequalities in the cultural sector. We’ll discuss how and why this is, focusing on audiences and the cultural sector workforce. Guest contributors will share their perspectives on the impact of Covid and what needs to happen to build a more equitable sector.

Chaired by Sarie Mairs-Slee. Speakers: Anna Ehnold-Danailov, Parents & Carers In Performing Arts (PiPA); Tal Feder, University of Sheffield; Karen Gray, University of Leeds; Jess Hunt, East Durham Creates; Oliver Mantell, The Audience Agency; Tajpal Rathore, Tribe Arts

Published: 2021
Resource type: Webinars and films