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My essential reads: The value of culture in urban sustainability

Traditionally, sustainable development has been seen as having three main pillars – environmental, social and economic. But what role does culture play in developing sustainable societies? In particular, it appears vital to consider the value of cultural heritage, as it relates to both the tangible and intangible legacy that we receive from the past and … Read more

Evaluation report: Birmingham 2022 Festival

An overarching evaluation report of the key findings from the Birmingham 2022 Festival. This report represents the culmination of 12-months’ work collaborating with the Organising Committee for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (the OC) to evaluate its cultural programme, the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

Webinar: Creative places & new localism

How can cultural organisations and local communities work together towards recovery? This is a recording of a session from our conference Covid-19: Changing Culture? in November 2021. The conference shared emerging findings from our Covid-19 research project and discussed implications with practitioners and policymakers.