Resources tagged with cultural diversity

My essential reads: storytelling, language and resistance

Do you work with people from diverse cultures? Perhaps you’re exploring the role of language and storytelling in your practice? Author, poet and academic Dr. Emily Zobel Marshall shares her five essential reads on how storytelling can be used not only to celebrate culture, but also the important role it plays in postcolonial survival and … Read more

Equality, Diversity and the Creative Case

The fourth and final report looking at equality and diversity across Arts Council England’s  2015 -2018 portfolio of funded organisations. The data covers the 663 arts organisations and 21 museums in ACE’s national portfolio

Social marketing: engaging diverse communities

A ‘social marketing’ approach uses non-traditional methods of marketing based on understanding culturally diverse communities. This guide focuses on three key elements of this type of audience development: research (making use of publicly available information); tools/methodologies (use of print, direct mail and PR/media); and sustainability (long-term relationships and partnerships).

Cultural tourism – the universal fix?

Pam Jarvis investigates how culture is looked at as a fix for many things – health, social capital, community cohesion, economic growth, education, regeneration …