Reflecting Value S2 Ep3: Gaming as Culture

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Reflecting Value S2 Ep3: Gaming as Culture

By Centre for Cultural Value


This episode of the podcast Reflecting Value explores the cultural experiences people have through playing video and board games.

We talk to experts about the social value of gaming and the ways in which gaming design and culture can lead different communities to feel excluded.


Dr Robyn Dowlen


  • Marie Foulston on the ways games interact with our everyday lives, and how gaming is positioned in the wider cultural landscape [02:38 – 09:18]
  • Dr Michael Heron (University of Gothenberg) on the accessibility of video and board games, and the [10:26 – 18:20]
  • Stephanie Ijoma (Founder of NNESAGA) on creating safe spaces for marginalised gamers, and the ways the industry needs to change to support inclusive gaming. [19:17 – 26:53]

Transcript to this episode's audio

Reflecting Value was co-produced by Dr. Robyn Dowlen and Mikey Nissenbaum
Artwork by Mikey Nissenbaum

Published: 2022
Resource type: Podcasts