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13th June 2019 Sonya Dyer

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Leading at all levels

Cath Hume, CEO of the AMA asks how can we best develop leaders for the future? She suggests we start by creating more leadership opportunities throughout the organisation.

By Cath HumePublished:2019 Type: article

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How to Rewire your thinking

Lucy Jamieson, Head of Programme at the AMA explains how pooling resources, creativity and ideas rather than working in silos can bring about effective change.

By Lucy JamiesonPublished:2019 Type: article

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How I Cope: Developing Workplace Cultures

How I Cope  is an on-going blog series where colleagues from across the sector – and at different stages of their career – share their experiences of self-care and wellbeing. Mental health and balancing work and life is increasingly recognised as essential to our happiness and ability to make the most of our talents. By encouraging greater awareness and exchanging tips and helpful advice,  How I Cope aims to create a space for us to support each other, and the health of our sector in general. In this extended blog post, Eve Livingston considers how workplaces can become better at meeting the wellbeing …

By Eve LivingstonPublished:2019 Type: blog

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