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25th August 2017 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "wellbeing"

Health and Wellbeing – China Plate’s Artist Wellbeing Policy

China Plate are committed to enabling and facilitating professional, ethical and productive working environments for artists that stimulate creative freedom and risk whilst safeguarding physical and mental health and wellbeing. Their research has resulted in their Artist Wellbeing Policy.

Published:2019 Type: guide-toolkit

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Think Piece: Mindless or Mindful?

Sebastian Cater asks what can we do to make mindfulness less of a dirty word at work.

By Sebastian Cheswright CaterPublished:2019 Type: article

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Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing

The Inquiry Report, Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing - Second Edition, presents the findings of two years of research, evidence-gathering and discussions with patients, health and social care professionals, artists and arts administrators, academics, people in local government, ministers, other policy-makers and parliamentarians from both Houses of Parliament.

Published:2019 Type: research

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Welsh museums and The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act

This report by The Happy Museum published in September 2018, Welsh museums and The Wellbeing of Future Generations, shines a light on the myriad ways in which six Welsh museums are responding to the goals of the Act.

By The Happy MuseumPublished:2018 Type: guide-toolkit

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Encouraging Safer and More Supportive Working Practices in Theatre

A UK Theatre and SOLT handbook ensuring that everyone in theatre can prevent and tackle harassment and abuses of power ensuring a safer, more supportive, inclusive working environment.

By SOLT/UK TheatrePublished:2018 Type: guide-toolkit

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Changing the World through Arts and Kindness

People United is a creative laboratory and arts charity. In this report they explore how the arts can inspire kindness, community and social change. The report brings together 10 years of research around our work to show that the arts can play a practical and imaginative role in building a kinder and more caring society.

By People UnitedPublished:2018 Type: research

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The Role of Local Authorities in Creative Ageing

Second edition of the report by The Baring Foundation, written by David Cutler with new case studies from councils across the UK

By The Baring FoundationPublished:2018 Type: research

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Late Opening: Arts and Older People in Scotland

Andrew Eaton-Lewis, commissioned by the Baring Foundation and Luminate, has written a report on the numerous projects across Scotland that are, in diverse and sometimes groundbreaking ways, supporting older people in engaging with the arts.

By The Baring FoundationPublished:2018 Type: research

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Arts for Wellbeing: unlocking social energy to increase wellbeing

Find out how Creative People and Places project Bait has unlocked 'social energy' and made positive changes in its community.

By Ecorys UKPublished:2017 Type: case-study

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