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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "strategies"

Power Up

Chrissie Tiller re-evaluates what we mean by offering people access to culture. This Creative People and Places case study is an attempt to contextualise the journeys being made by participants, artists, partners and teams on the CPP programme.

By Chrissie TillerPublished:2017 Type: case-study

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How to develop a fundraising strategy

This guide will take you through the seven key steps in the fundraising strategy cycle and provide you with the essential ingredients of a good fundraising strategy.

By Wendy SmithersPublished:2015 Type: guide-toolkit

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Filling the empty seats first

How important is the person who nearly bought a ticket?  US-based marketing consultant Trevor O’Donnell offers some firm but considered advice on where and how ticketed arts organisations should be placing their sales energies to ensure empty seats are kept to a minimum.  Trevor is a straight talking marketing consultant who has developed marketing/sales strategies for many arts organisations including Disney, Cameron Mackintosh, Cirque du Soleil and the Music Center of Los Angeles.

Published:2014 Type: article

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Customer-centred strategies

In this short article Jim Rosenberg, National Arts Strategies (USA), promotes customer-centred strategies as the way forward for arts organisations.  He argues that an ‘ingrained’ fear of ‘pandering’ to customers could be holding arts organisations back and stresses that what audiences today seek is not necessarily very far from what many arts organisations strive to offer – ‘intellectual challenge, emotional truth, social connection and a new perspective.’

Published:2013 Type: article

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Using digital media to develop artistic content and public engagement

This document looks at how new technology and social media can be used in the development, production and marketing of the arts. How can digital media help innovation in artistic content and audience or visitor engagement? We see how online strategies are changing and how the use of Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc. enable us to engage with communities and considers how digital media might help us to innovate with regard to both artistic content and audience or visitor engagement.

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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How arts and cultural marketers can predict the future

How to make accurate forecasts and predictions about the future while the external environment is changing and audiences are becoming less predictable. This document identifies useful trends, data and comparisons to help organisations inform future strategies, budgets and resources.

Published:2013 Type: article

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