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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "social trends"

Understanding the youth of today

ROAR (or Right of Admission Reserved) is a youth research project set up by a consortium which includes the Guardian. The project seeks to identify trends, define style leaders and find out what is culturally important to young people aged between 15 and 24. This article is an explanation of how ROAR works, its methodologies and its potential uses to individual businesses and advertisers.

Published:2013 Type: article

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Understanding the consumers of tomorrow

This exploration into public behaviour highlights a number of emerging societal and consumer trends. These are divided into four segments – scientific, social, emotional and spiritual – resulting in a holistic picture of the consumer, an insight into ‘tomorrow’s people’ and the need to develop brands that empower people.

Published:2013 Type: article

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The challenges and opportunities created by key social trends

Consider the cultural landscape of the future from a sociological and social science perspective in this presentation by Melanie Howard.

By Melanie HowardPublished:2013 Type: article

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