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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "rights"

Open licensing and mobile tools to encourage engagement with art

Describes how a group of Danish art galleries joined forces to develop a shared mobile platform based on open content. The case study explores the collaborative process and the benefits of cross-institution collaboration when developing an in-gallery mobile tool designed to encourage greater engagement. It also looks at the adoption of open licences such as the Creative Commons model for helping making culture free, encouraging the public to share and reuse it in new ways.

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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How should staff of an organisation use social media ethically and protect the company’s reputation?

These guidelines from the Ford Motor Company for its staff are an at-a-glance summary of how to behave in the social media world in an ethical and responsible way , observing lines between the company and private views, honesty, good manners, and times when they might have to refer upwards. Useful for any arts marketer, press or PR person or internal communications manager with responsibility for social media communications.

Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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Working with photographers

A basic guide from the Association of Photographers into good photographic practice.

Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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