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25th August 2017 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "revenue generation"

Engaging new audiences and building resilience during a pandemic

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Fellow and Back to Ours Producer Nesta Nelson takes a deep dive into how they've started engaging new and exiting audiences digitally throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

By Nesta NelsonPublished:2020 Type: article

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How museums can generate revenue through digital content and virtual experiences

As museums look to generate revenue through virtual initiatives, Cuseum highlight six ideas to consider from online events to virtual membership. Tailored for museums across the US but useful wherever you work and whatever part of the sector.

By CuseumPublished:2020 Type: article

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How ‘airline pricing’ can help sales soar

BakerRichards take us through what arts managers can learn from the best of what airlines are doing with top tips on dynamic pricing.

By BakerRichardsPublished:2019 Type: article

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10 ways to make your dynamic pricing targets work harder

The dynamic pricing innovator Sean Kelly, founder of Vatic (dynamic pricing for performing arts and ticketed venues) takes us through his top 10 tips to make your pricing targets work effectively.

By Sean KellyPublished:2019 Type: article

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Dynamic pricing – tools, tactics, strategy

David Wakeman hosts a popular podcast, The Business of Fun. In this episode he interviews the founder of Vatic, Sean Kelly and gets down to the nitty-gritty of dynamic pricing.

By David Wakeman, Sean KellyPublished:2019 Type: blog

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Business Support for the Cultural and Creative Sector

In partnership with Coventry University, Prosper has produced Business Support and the Cultural and Creative Sector in England and Scotland: A Review. This in-depth review of business support activities in England and Scotland is part of Prosper's vision to build a creative economy making arts accessible for all. It has been shared to help increase awareness and understanding of business support for the cultural and creative sector. “…the cultural and creative sectors are increasingly aware of the need for business support and engaging substantially – and more so than other sectors – where appropriate support exists and has capacity.”

Published:2018 Type: research

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Diversifying revenue streams

This collection features snippets of case studies by Mark Robinson and offers inspiration for developing new sources of income.

By Sara Lock, Mark RobinsonPublished:2017 Type: guide-toolkit

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AIM Success Guide: successful retailing for smaller museums

John Prescott from Retail Matters shares how and why a good shop can enhance visitor experience.

By AIMPublished:2017 Type: guide-toolkit

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