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10th June 2019 Sonya Dyer

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Wooing the young billionaires

With arts philanthropy static in the UK and declining in the US, what needs to be done to persuade the next generation of mega-rich donors to support culture? Michelle Wright, CEO of Cause4 and Programme Director of the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme. examines the challenges ahead.

By Michelle WrightPublished:2020 Type: article

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Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

Can you tell our readers a bit about what you do?   Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy transforms the fundraising knowledge, skills and levels of success of creative organisations. We’re a national consortium led by Cause4, with the Arts Marketing Association and University of Leeds.   Our dedicated programme of training courses support arts professionals across their career, from new fundraisers writing their first applications to Trustees looking to become Chairs of charity boards. Our acclaimed annual fellowship programme nurtures emerging talent, strengthening the fundraising potential of the sector.  We also work with groups and networks to help them tackle key issues, empowering cultural professionals to develop diverse entrepreneurial practice.    What is the best way for people to approach you?   You can get in touch on our website and …

Published:2019 Type: blog

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