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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "organisational structures"

Helping small arts groups become legally constituted organisations.

The Cultural Spring is a Creative People and Places (CPP) programme working to raise participation in arts and culture on South Tyneside and Sunderland. This new case study shares their work with small organisations.

By Rob LawsonPublished:2018 Type: case-study

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LeftCoast: Place Governance and Partnerships

This case study explores how LeftCoast established a partnership and governance structure to increase arts and cultural provision in Blackpool and Wyre.

Published:2016 Type: case-study

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Governance in the not-for-profit cultural sector

This report looks at issues around governance in the arts. Why think about governance in the not-for-profit cultural sector? The governors of an organisation, whether they go by the name of trustees, directors or non-executive directors, are in a position of trust. They have a duty towards the organisation's objectives and its provision of public benefit. They also have duties of care to donors, funders from the Arts Council, National Lottery to Trusts or even shareholders and the employees of a firm.

Published:2013 Type: article

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Adapting to survive – designing for resilience

The break-out sessions at All About Audiences’ ‘adapting to survive’ conference in 2011 looked at Adaptive Resilience – and what assets you might have to help you; Designing for Resilience – what organisational structures define a resilient company; Creative Problem Solving- how to release innovative thinking in your team; Collaborative Working – looking at the example of Creativity Works in Pennine Lancashire; Business Models for greater resilience; Fundraising – from your audience, visitors and Friends; Crowdfunding with WeDidThis; and increasing revenue and new income streams.

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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