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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "live streaming"

‘Remake the Model’. Philanthropy and the Arts after Coronavirus.

Mike Scutari, contributing journalist at Inside Philanthropy deep dives into the impact of Coronavirus and what lies beyond. As arts funders navigate the opening stages of what will be a prolonged effort to stem the impact of COVID-19, many are already looking beyond the pandemic. As A Blade of Grass Executive Director Deborah Fisher told Mike Scutari , “In the long term, I think that there are much bigger questions about how arts economies function and how they are valued. This is something that philanthropy and arts institutions can and should meaningfully address together.”

By Mike ScutariPublished:2020 Type: blog

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Digital Lab. Theatre By The Lake. Vlog 1. Using live streaming to reach wider communities.

The first Vlog by Rachel Swift (Head of Communications) and Meg Eyre (Marketing Manager) at Theatre by the Lake as part of their Fellowship at AMA Digital Lab.

By Rachel Swift, Meg EyrePublished:2020 Type: blog

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Cinegi Arts and Film Action Research

Cinegi Arts&Film was an action research project, delivered by Cinegi, that ran from January 2017 to May 2018 to test how a digital distribution service could bring filmed arts and cultural content to audiences in venues beyond mainstream cinemas. The project was supported through a grant from Arts Council England, and a partnership with the BFI. The research component was contracted to The Audience Agency and Nesta.

By The Audience AgencyPublished:2018 Type: research

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Video Live Streams as an Engagement Tool for Museums

Cuseum take a look at video live streams as an engagement tool for museums.

By CuseumPublished:2018 Type: article

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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery reaches 22,000 viewers in one live stream

Cherelle Cunningham shares Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery's experience of using Periscope to engage the widest possible audience. Gain tips for getting started with live streaming.

By Cherelle CunninghamPublished:2017 Type: case-study

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A manual for bringing theatre to the screen

Miracle Theatre shares practical advice for making and distributing digital versions of theatre productions.

By Miracle TheatrePublished:2017 Type: guide-toolkit

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Lessons in live streaming from National Theatre Wales

Bradley Manning, the young US soldier who was convicted of releasing the largest set of classified documents ever leaked to the public, spent his early years in west Wales. In 2013 the National Theatre Wales’ (NTW) production The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, toured around Wales before appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe. Early on in the production process the decision was taken to live stream each performance, as a result over 6,500 audience members watched the Bradley Manning live stream from 1,269 cities in 103 countries.

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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Quizoola: a 24-hour webcast and trending on Twitter

Forced Entertainment is a theatre company based in Sheffield, UK, who produces contemporary devised performances that tour worldwide. In April 2013, they performed one of their most popular pieces -  Quizoola! - continuously for 24 hours at the Barbican as part of the SPILL festival. The entire piece was streamed online via a live webcast and Twitter users were encouraged to comment on the performance and ask questions to the performers using the hashtag #Quizoola24. The performance was a huge success with many audience members remaining for the entire 24 hours.

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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Live streaming productions for independent producers and small-scale venues

An evaluation of the approach Camden Theatres took in setting up paid live streaming for the Camden Fringe in 2010 and 2011. The report first outlines the issues for independent producers and small venues, and goes on to look at the tools available, and how they can work together to grow audiences through online video streaming. It considers who the audience is for digital work; how small-scale producers can use social media; how to set up virtual box office agreements,and the cost of live streaming kit. It also highlights how, through streaming and clever use of social media, new income and …

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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