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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "integrated"

Raising awareness of a participatory cultural project

This case study explores an integrated publicity campaign to promote The Cultural Spring, a three-year project to increase arts participation and engagement in Sunderland and South Tyneside. It covers the process and outcomes of creating a publicity campaign which engaged both the media and potential participants in the project.

Published:2014 Type: case-study

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Targeting new and younger audiences with an integrated marketing campaign

Would your organisation like to see an increase of almost 75% visitors and an influx of younger audiences? This Marketing Society Scotland (2013) paper outlines how Matthews Marketing helped the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum (RBBM) achieve just that, one year on from its opening in 2011.

By Matthews MarketingPublished:2013 Type: case-study

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The library that borrowed from the public

This Marketing Society Scotland (2013) paper outlines an award winning campaign from the National library of Scotland (NLS) and Frame.  NLS is the world’s leading centre for the study of Scotland and the Scots. In the summer of 2012, a campaign that explored the story of cinema-going in Scotland over the past 120 years attracted 40,000 visitors, despite the competition of the Edinburgh summer festivals. Read about how a highly successful integrated campaign was developed and how a simple competition on Facebook resulted in 2,000 people engaging creatively to come up with their own movie poster headline to promote the …

Published:2013 Type: case-study

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Integrated marketing campaign to boost ticket sales

Discover how Northern Ballet improved their national profile, engaged new and existing audiences and boosted ticket sales with an integrated communications campaign.

By Laraine PensonPublished:2013 Type: case-study

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Changing arts audiences in the 21st century

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre detail seven pillars for arts organisations to potentially transform their audience development focus: vision-led, brand-driven, outcome-orientated, inter-disciplinary, insight-guided, interactively-engaged, and personalised.

By Morris Hargreaves McIntyrePublished:2013 Type: article

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Building a holistic digital marketing campaign

Provides a detailed look at the current trends in digital and social media available in 2010, with an overview of how the different elements can be used within a marketing campaign or communications strategy. This is followed by a case study which will give you an insight into their different uses within a mixed media campaign and how they can be applied to speak to different targets to deliver a holistic strategy that has engagement at its heart.

Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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