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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

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Arts Survival Training. An AMA Podcast. Episode 2 – Our Environment, Our Problem

Arts Survival Training is a podcast from the Arts Marketing Association about creating stronger, more resilient arts organisations. In each episode, you’ll hear UK arts professionals weigh in on the skills and mindsets our field needs in order to survive in the face of social, political, and environmental challenges. Arts Survival Training is hosted, edited, and produced by Hannah Hethmon.

By Hannah HethmonPublished:2020 Type: blog

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Artswork and the environment: our routes to tackle climate change

Megan Hockley, Programme Assistant at Artswork, a national youth arts development agency takes us through their development of an Environmental Action Plan.

By ArtsworkPublished:2019 Type: blog

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Museums and the Climate Challenge

One of a series of videos created by the Alberta Museums Association, Canada demonstrating how museums continue to facilitate and lead conversations around issues that are important to their communities and find innovative and inclusive solutions that impact our future.

Published:2019 Type: blog

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Visual Arts and Climate Change Adaptations in Scotland

Climate change is already having a physical impact on Scotland – from increased rainfall and flooding, to unexpected heatwaves and more intense extreme weather. It is imperative that we respond to this climate crisis, and recognise and avert the impacts it will have on our culture. Creative Carbon Scotland commissioned research into the specific impacts for visual arts organisations, and undertook analysis and interviews of organisations and partners – across exhibition, education, outreach and support – to understand the impact on business models, operational capacity and even health and safety.

By Creative Carbon ScotlandPublished:2019 Type: research

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Sustainability Action Plan

An example of a 2- year Sustainability Action Plan for the Australian Museum covering their four strategic priorities: Reducing operational impacts on the environment Future-proofing the infrastructure Engaging our people Educating visitors and stakeholders

By Australian MuseumPublished:2019 Type: guide-toolkit

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Greening our marketing, one reusable cup at a time

Artsadmin believes that  artists and arts organisations have an important role to play in exploring, communicating and taking practical action against issues around climate change and the environment. Find out more about their approach in this blog written by Grace McDonagh (Marketing Assistant) with green marketing ideas by Grace, Alex Turton (Marketing Officer), Katie Haines (Head of Marketing and Development) and past members of the Artsadmin Marketing team.

By ArtsadminPublished:2019 Type: guide-toolkit

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Guide: How can your museum support children and young people to understand and respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency?

This guide is designed to help museums support youth climate activism and collaborate with young people on events, exhibitions and debates. It was produced by Kids in Museums in partnership with Climate Museum UK, the Happy Museum Project and Julie's Bicycle.

By Kids in MuseumsPublished:2019 Type: guide-toolkit

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Webinar: Speaking Green – how to share your environmental story

This webinar is for people working on marketing and communications, green team leads, and anyone interested in an introduction to this topic. Julie's Bicycle 's Project Manager, Chiara Badiali, is joined by Matthew Otty, Marketing Assistant at the Royal Albert Hall who shared their learning with participants on successfully engaging team members in a large arts organisation.

By Julie’s BicyclePublished:2019 Type: guide-toolkit

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Sustaining Great Art and Culture: Environmental Report 2017/18

Julie’s Bicycle has been working in partnership with Arts Council England since 2012 to inspire environmental action across the arts and culture sector, with a focus on long-term funding partners, the National Portfolio Organisations. This report celebrates the successes of arts and cultural organisations in acting on national and international climate targets.

By Julie’s BicyclePublished:2019 Type: research

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Creative Climate Census 2018

Julie’s Bicycle have released the Creative Climate Census, the longest-running research which captures the attitudes, values and actions of cultural leaders in response to climate change and environmental sustainability and their impact on business planning and decision-making.

By Julie’s BicyclePublished:2018 Type: research

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Julie’s Bicycle Practical Guide: Communicating Sustainability

Champion environmental sustainability with tips on everything from defining your objectives to audience profiling, measurement, evaluation and messaging.

By Julie’s BicyclePublished:2017 Type: guide-toolkit

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Maecenas Initiative: increasing individual philanthropy

The Maecenas Initiative was an Arts & Business’ programme to increase individual philanthropic support of the arts in the UK. The first part of this detailed report explains the success of charitable giving in the US and Canada. It then goes on to discuss factors that can influence and improve the climate for individual giving. The second part is a comprehensive glossary of charitable giving mechanisms.

Published:2014 Type: research

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Can arts organisations help to deliver meaningful environmental change?

Is strong leadership from the cultural sector the key to changing attitudes and behaviours in relation to the environment? This paper articulates the challenge faced by those working in cultural organisations to raise awareness of the issues surrounding climate change, and to generate programmes of work that can make a real difference to the ways in which we live our lives.

Published:2013 Type: research

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How marketers can exploit current and emerging trends in a changing society

Marketers need to understand the current economic, political, technological and social environment that affects their audiences’ behaviour and consumption. This article describes the impact that polarization is having on audiences, how it is affecting organisations and what marketers can do to exploit current trends. The author argues that organisations need to tailor their marketing mix to remain healthy and relevant. Through offering unique, real-time experiences, responding to behaviour such as ‘cocooning’ and clearly communicating their brand position, marketers can respond more effectively to the needs, wants and motivations of their audiences in a turbulent time of societal change.  

Published:2013 Type: research

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