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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

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Building blocks for reopening

This comprehensive guide by Spektrix helps lay the foundations for a successful reopening whether you use their CRM system or something else.

By SpektrixPublished:2020 Type: guide-toolkit

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Analyse and Improve your Email Marketing Strategy

Freya Ruane, Marketing Coordinator at HdK Associates shares some suggestions and tips on how you can assess and improve your current email marketing campaigns. In the mass of marketing emails people receive on a daily basis, it's important to ensure that your emails are the ones that reach out and engage audiences.

By HdK AssociatesPublished:2020 Type: article

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Digital Lab. Forced Entertainment. Ask the Audience.

The first blog by Alice Dale, Marketing and Communications Manager at Forced Entertainment as part of her Fellowship at AMA Digital Lab.

By Alice DalePublished:2020 Type: blog

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Effective emails

An Abstract from the Spektrix Insights 2019 report that focuses on effective emails.

By SpektrixPublished:2019 Type: research

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Segmentation and Customisation are King

Segmentation and Customisation are King in Spektrix’s new Insights Report 2019.

By Katy RainesPublished:2019 Type: blog

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Manchester Literature Festival’s 2013 digital marketing campaign

The Manchester Literature Festival has taken place every October since 2006 and is the city’s largest literary event. In this case study, Kate Feld describes the Festival's 2013 online digital marketing campaign, which included e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. The success of this campaign, particularly its social media activity, contributed to the Festival attracting a larger and more diverse audience, with increased engagement with the event.

Published:2014 Type: case-study

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Using e-marketing to collect data and build relationships

It's fairly straightforward to collect data from audiences if you're a ticketed organisation, but how do you go about communicating with audiences if you're a non-ticketed venue? In this article the author explores how to use your website and e-mail campaigns to collect valuable data on attenders and potential attenders without the need for a ticketing system. You'll find ideas for e-marketing to really get to know your customers, find out who they are, what they’re interested in, which events/exhibitions they’re attending, which they would like to attend and what they really think about your organisation.

Published:2013 Type: article

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How to create successful email signatures

You may think that an email signature is just something to be thrown together at the bottom of your email; but this is probably the first time a customer has seen the branding of your business. Not enough due care and attention is paid towards the outward look of one of the most important communication tools in your arsenal. This guide show you how to create an email signature with impact, that will drive people towards your online presence and keep your core brand image running throughout every aspect of your organisation.

Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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