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25th August 2017 Sara Lock

Resources tagged with "diversifying income"

Developing successful partnerships

This resource provides tips on how to nurture successful partnerships to enable new income. The tips have been shared by a range of business advisors contributing to Prosper, Creative United’s business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries.

By Julie AldridgePublished:2018 Type: article

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Business Support for the Cultural and Creative Sector

In partnership with Coventry University, Prosper has produced Business Support and the Cultural and Creative Sector in England and Scotland: A Review. This in-depth review of business support activities in England and Scotland is part of Prosper's vision to build a creative economy making arts accessible for all. It has been shared to help increase awareness and understanding of business support for the cultural and creative sector. “…the cultural and creative sectors are increasingly aware of the need for business support and engaging substantially – and more so than other sectors – where appropriate support exists and has capacity.”

Published:2018 Type: research

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Chickenshed Diversifying Income Case study

Discover how Chickenshed leveraged its expertise in order to diversify its income and maximise the commercial benefit of its existing assets with the launch of its Corporate Training programme.

By William Porter, Lily Elizabeth DaviesPublished:2018 Type: case-study

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Developing new products and services

Alison O’Hara joined New Writing North (NWN) in April 2017 with the responsibility of growing the organisation’s enterprise and trading activities. Prosper, Creative United’s business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries, is helping Alison and NWN to explore the development of new products and services.

By Alison O’HaraPublished:2017 Type: article

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Post-it notes, big pens and paper

Derby Museums are taking part in Prosper — Creative United's business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries. Head of Development, Sue Jacklin, shares the experience of Derby Museums' first meeting with Tracey Johnson, their Prosper business advisor.

By Sue JacklinPublished:2017 Type: article

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Diversifying revenue streams

This collection features snippets of case studies by Mark Robinson and offers inspiration for developing new sources of income.

By Sara Lock, Mark RobinsonPublished:2017 Type: guide-toolkit

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