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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

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A culture of research ~ bringing research into your day-to-day practice

Katie Anderson, Marketing Director at Warwick Arts Centre gave AMA conference 2013 delegates an outline of what they've been doing about bringing research into the day-to-day operation at Warwick Arts Centre over the last couple of years.

Published:2014 Type: case-study

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Insight-led: understanding motivations of attenders and potential attenders

How can we develop a deeper understanding of what motivates people to attend or take part in arts and cultural events? Mary Butlin showed AMA conference 2013 delegates how to implement a low-cost research programme to understand audience motivations and shared expertise from a variety of settings for organisations of all sizes.  Helen Jones from Octagon Theatre Bolton joined Mary to give an example of a theatre running their insight programme in-house and how it has helped to inform marketing communications and maximise potential for increased ticket sales and funding.

Published:2014 Type: guide-toolkit

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Market research – an introduction for arts and cultural marketers

Discover when it's appropriate to carry out market research, how to get started, and how to make sure you're doing it right. This introduction to market research covers core topics including why and when to do research; approaches to market research; desk research; qualitative and quantitative research; staying within best practice guidelines; devising a research programme, and working with external market research agencies.

Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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Panning for gold

February 2015: New guidance on Data Protection is coming soon and information here will be updated as soon as possible A guide to collecting valuable audience information in ticketed organisations from box office data and desk research.

Published:2012 Type: guide-toolkit

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Guide to desk researching audiences and visitor data

February 2015: New guidance on Data Protection is coming soon and information here will be updated as soon as possible This guide to desk research will help you to learn about the likes, attitudes, behaviours and attendance habits of your audience, where they come from, and how to target the people most likely to attend.

Published:2012 Type: guide-toolkit

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