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12th November 2018 Carol Jones

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Webinar: How to keep your audience engaged, entertained and inspired in the age of Coronavirus

One of a series of webinars by Cuseum in response to the changing landscape caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Here join Cuseum's Brendan Ciecko and guests as they explore steps cultural organisations can take to engage their audiences digitally and continue their important work as trusted community resources during this public health and economic crisis, even when physical sites remain in lockdown. Focussed on the museum sector across the US this webinar has a host of practical ideas, strategies and tactics for cultural buildings in lockdown that can be applied whatever your sector or wherever you're based.

By CuseumPublished:2020 Type: blog

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Webinar: How to Captivate, Connect and Communicate with your Audience during Coronavirus

On the 25th March 2020 over 3,200 museum professionals across the USA and beyond joined Cuseum's Brendan Ciecko along with Susan Edwards (Associate Director, Digital Content @ Hammer Museum) and Koven Smith (Museum & Nonprofit Digital Strategy Consultant) to discuss steps cultural organisations can take to captivate, connect, and communicate with their remote “visitors” and audiences.

By CuseumPublished:2020 Type: blog

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Video Live Streams as an Engagement Tool for Museums

Cuseum take a look at video live streams as an engagement tool for museums.

By CuseumPublished:2018 Type: article

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The Ultimate Guide to Partnerships between Museums and Brands

Cuseum take a comprehensive look back at the unique and creative partnerships that museums and brands have forged over the years.

By CuseumPublished:2018 Type: guide-toolkit

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Cuseum: Results from Augmented Reality Museum Visitor Impact Study

To measure the public’s interest in new ways to access content at museums, Cuseum conducted an on-site survey. The objective of the study was to evaluate the impact that new forms of mobile technology, such as augmented reality, have on the visitor’s experience.

By CuseumPublished:2018 Type: research

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