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10th May 2019 Carol Jones

Resources tagged with "cultural democracy"

OF/BY/FOR ALL: Centre of Democracy

The AMA is backing the OF/BY/FOR ALL change network and following its progress through a range of blogs, case studies and videos. Our series includes a number of Q&A sessions with participant organisations who are furthering their mission to become OF, BY and FOR their communities.

By Centre of DemocracyPublished:2019 Type: blog

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How to Rewire your thinking

Lucy Jamieson, Head of Programme at the AMA explains how pooling resources, creativity and ideas rather than working in silos can bring about effective change.

By Lucy JamiesonPublished:2019 Type: article

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Panic! Social class, taste and inequalities in the creative sector

This report ( lead authors Dr Orian Brook, Dr David O’Brien, and Dr Mark Taylor) forms part of Panic! It’s an Arts Emergency project. It demonstrates that the cultural and creative industries are marked by significant inequalities; in particular, the report looks at the social class background of the workforce, and how this intersects with other issues, including attitudes and values, experiences of working for free, social networks, and cultural tastes.

By Dr Orian Brook, Dr Mark Taylor, Dr David O’Brien, Arts EmergencyPublished:2019 Type: research

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Cultural Democracy in Practice

An Arts Council England guide with 64 Million Artists to support those who are interested in finding out more about Cultural Democracy and exploring how they might put it into practice.

By 64 Million Artists, Arts Council EnglandPublished:2019 Type: guide-toolkit

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