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19th July 2013 Sara Lock

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Now, New and Next for Cultural Fundraisers. Fundraising at Times of Crisis.

The fifth edition of Now, New and Next from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy focuses on supporting arts, culture and heritage organisations to consider their responses to fundraising at a time of global crisis. It thinks through the next decade of impact, as well as how to effectively communicate with donors. It also suggests ideas as to how organisations might build crisis campaigns and to consider how organisations might undertake different sorts of activities including virtual fundraising events.

By Arts Fundraising & PhilanthropyPublished:2020 Type: article

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Prosper business support project evaluation

The full evaluation report of Prosper, a business support and action research programme, designed and managed by Creative United, that ran from March 2017 to March 2018. The aim of this programme was to improve business sustainability and resilience in the creative and cultural sectors, and complete research into the provision and use of business support. It was funded by Arts Council England and delivered in partnership with the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) and the Centre for Business in Society (CBiS) at Coventry University. Additional match funding was secured from Coventry University, AMA, Creative Scotland, Access – The Foundation for Social Investment, Esmeé …

By Creative UnitedPublished:2018 Type: research

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Business Model Canvas: How to use a one page business plan

Stacey McIntosh has worked with the team at Sage to design an infographic tool for developing a business model canvas.

By Stacey McIntosh, Sage Advice UKPublished:2018 Type: guide-toolkit

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Mottisfont Abbey — Secondary Spend Case Study

Discover how Mottisfont Abbey has become a sustainable year-round business and the positive impact investing in its infrastructure has had on increased visitor numbers and secondary spend income.  

By Louise GovierPublished:2018 Type: case-study

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Capacity Building

In this Prosper resource Gill Thewlis explores the concept of Capacity Building within the context of the arts, cultural and heritage sector; and provides a seven-point approach to building capacity in organisations.

By Gill ThewlisPublished:2018 Type: guide-toolkit

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Gearing Up For Growth

In this Prosper resource Gill Thewlis covers all you need to know to successfully manage change and growth within your organisation — from measuring success and capturing your ideas for growth; through to business planning and funding; and managing risk and change.

By Gill ThewlisPublished:2018 Type: guide-toolkit

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Business planning during a time of change

Jo Towler, Executive Director of Candoco Dance Company, spoke to AMA editor, Jacqueline Haxton, about how Creative United's Prosper advisor Marina Norris helped Candoco develop its Business Plan during a time of organisational change.

By Jo TowlerPublished:2018 Type: article

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Business Support for the Cultural and Creative Sector

In partnership with Coventry University, Prosper has produced Business Support and the Cultural and Creative Sector in England and Scotland: A Review. This in-depth review of business support activities in England and Scotland is part of Prosper's vision to build a creative economy making arts accessible for all. It has been shared to help increase awareness and understanding of business support for the cultural and creative sector. “…the cultural and creative sectors are increasingly aware of the need for business support and engaging substantially – and more so than other sectors – where appropriate support exists and has capacity.”

Published:2018 Type: research

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Developing new products and services

Alison O’Hara joined New Writing North (NWN) in April 2017 with the responsibility of growing the organisation’s enterprise and trading activities. Prosper, Creative United’s business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries, is helping Alison and NWN to explore the development of new products and services.

By Alison O’HaraPublished:2017 Type: article

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Becoming an NPO

Mungo Beaumont, co-founder and Producer at Middle Child Theatre, explains how Creative United's Prosper programme is helping Middle Child prepare itself for official entry into the Arts Council England's National Portfolio.

By Mungo BeaumontPublished:2017 Type: article

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Library @ the Lightbox

Due to open in Autumn 2018, the new central library in Barnsley — Library @ the Lightbox — will become the cornerstone of the town centre with its striking design and transparent glass exterior. Lesley Stables, Library and Information Manager, explains how Creative United's Prosper programme is providing valuable business support in the run up to the opening of the new library.

By Lesley StablesPublished:2017 Type: article

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The story so far …

In their first Prosper vlog, Amar Patel and Daniel Oduntan from Soul Labels share the highlights and key takeaways of their experiences to date of  Prosper, Creative United's business support programme designed specifically for arts organisations, museums and libraries.

By Amar Patel, Daniel OduntanPublished:2017 Type: article

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Post-it notes, big pens and paper

Derby Museums are taking part in Prosper — Creative United's business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries. Head of Development, Sue Jacklin, shares the experience of Derby Museums' first meeting with Tracey Johnson, their Prosper business advisor.

By Sue JacklinPublished:2017 Type: article

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You can’t pour from an empty cup

Beth Alden is CEO at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, an arts organisation with a craft focus. She is taking part in Creative United's Prosper programme.

By Beth AldenPublished:2017 Type: article

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Creating business plans to get excited about

James West shares his recipe for creating one-pager and full business plans worth reading.

By James WestPublished:2017 Type: guide-toolkit

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Southend Museum Business Model

Explore how Southend Museum revised its business model and got staff behind a more positive and ambitious future.

By Julie Aldridge, Pam JarvisPublished:2017 Type: case-study

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National Justice Museum Business Model Case Study

Explore the National Justice Museum's new business model and the process that led to it uniting its various venues, collections and activities under one national brand.

By Julie Aldridge, Pam JarvisPublished:2017 Type: case-study

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To sell or not to sell?

This IETM toolkit aims firstly to clarify the key concepts and definitions related to business models and business models innovation, possibly overcoming prejudices in the process; it then proposes a business model canvas tailored to the specific characteristics of arts and cultural organisations, and illustrates how some cultural organisations across Europe have successfully innovated their business models.

By José RodriguezPublished:2016 Type: guide-toolkit

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Ideas to spark your future business model

Gain inspiration to develop a more resilient business model with this article from AMA Executive Director Julie Aldridge.

By Julie AldridgePublished:2016 Type: article

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Introducing the Business Model Canvas

Reinvent your business model with this introduction to the Business Model Canvas for arts and cultural organisations.

By Mark Robinson, Sara LockPublished:2016 Type: guide-toolkit

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Investing in change – developing innovative new business models

In this article, Michelle Wright discusses the need for arts organisations to be more innovative in their fundraising by adapting their business model to generate more commercial income.

By Michelle WrightPublished:2014 Type: article

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Maximise your existing business model to generate new income

Ten years ago the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry had to find new sources of income.  In this article, Joanna Reid describes how, in addition to promoting its events and conferencing services, the theatre turned its in-house workshop into a commercial set-building operation, which now contributes £400,000 a year as a production services subsidiary.

Published:2014 Type: article

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The role of diversity in building adaptive resilience

Discover how embracing the creative case for diversity and difference can support the adaptive resilience of arts organisations. This paper features ten case studies, recommendations of helpful things to do and a framework for self-assessment.

By Tony Nwachukwu, Mark RobinsonPublished:2014 Type: case-study

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Balancing long and short term marketing planning

This short article from MediaCom Edinburgh reminds us that marketing impact must not be measured on short term evaluation alone. It recommends ‘The Long and the Short of It’ as a good read for anyone interested in better balancing short and long term marketing goals.

By Zoe RichardsPublished:2013 Type: article

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Towards an organisational development model for festivals

Why do some festivals thrive, while others fail? Knowing what is likely to go wrong is a good first step to avoiding problems and creating a sustainable organisation. This study looks at a lifecycle model of organisational development and applies it to Buxton Festival, to see if the forecasts used in the commercial sector can also be applied to the arts.

Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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Using a business planning model for audience development

This seminar report from the AMA Museums and Galleries Marketing Day explores a proposed national framework for supporting museums, libraries and archives through a business-planning model of audience development.

Published:2013 Type: article

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