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A young girl with hands and face covered in paint.

Creative People and Places: Governance and consortium working

A phone, tablet and laptop on a desk.
Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

Optimizing the online experience

A road undulates into the distance
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

Positive action recruitment roadmap

Mel Larson
Mel Larsen helped the AMA improve its inclusivity. Courtesy AMA.

Creating a diverse board

Front cover illustration by Nicole Mollett
More than100 Stories: An Instrument for Social Change. Illustration: Nicole Mollett

Persistent Encounter: social capital and Creative People and Places

A smiling audience watch an outdoor dance performance
Right Up Our Street. The Awakening by Stopgap Dance at DN Festival 2017 in Doncaster. Photo: James Mulkeen

Creative People and Places: Creating the Environment

It's night. Buildings surround a market square. Several larges boxes are lit with images of people and places.
Portrait – people and places of the First Art area by David Severn and Kajal Nisha Patel. Commissioned by First Art. Photo: Ralph Barkla

Creative People and Places and its impact on artistic practice

A man's hand reaches out covering most of his face
Courtesy CPP Hounslow

Using creative self expression to support mental wellbeing

Creatively minded report cover
Cover photo: Photo © Maya Hunneyball for ArtAtWork. Produced as part of ArtAtWork’s Slipper to Stilettos project which explored the shoe industry in Norwich.

Creatively Minded and Heritage

Creatively minded and ethnically diverse report cover
Cover photo: Lightpost Theatre Company, photo © Kris Askey.

Creatively minded and ethnically diverse

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