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Submission guidelines

Your copyright and criteria questions answered

Before submitting a resource, you must read and agree to the following submission guidelines.

Criteria for contributions

Contributions should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Case studies describing arts marketing, audience development or fundraising initiatives
  • Case studies exploring cultural organisation business models and leadership issues
  • Practical guides to help individuals master marketing, fundraising and leadership techniques, strategies or models
  • Original presentation content exploring latest thinking or key issues facing the cultural sector
  • Editorial pieces introducing an industry issue or providing a call to action
  • Editorial factors cited by the AMA

The AMA will decide whether to publish the resource based on the following editorial considerations:

  • whether it is well presented, logical and readable/audible
  • whether there is evidence cited to support any points you’ve made
  • whether the content demonstrates creative ideas, existing, new or advanced thinking
  • whether there are clear recommendations and lessons for practitioners
  • whether the content has practical relevance to the cultural sector
  • the style should demonstrate expertise but be written in plain English and not contain unexplained jargon
  • the content should not be a sales pitch or require the reader to purchase services or solutions

If you have a brilliant resource that isn’t suitable for CultureHive, we’ll try and point you in an alternative direction.

How to submit your contribution

Anyone can contribute to CultureHive as long as material meets the criteria above. We welcome submissions from other sectors if they show relevant learning for culture professionals.

Please note: the views of the authors of content held on CultureHive do not represent the views of the AMA, nor should their publication on the site be taken as explicit or implicit endorsement of their views.

Author FAQs

Does the resource stay on my company website or does it sit on CultureHive? The resource sits on CultureHive, published under a Creative Commons license. This shortens the search process for users and limits the risk of future broken links.

What credit will I receive? We credit authors with their name, role, organisation, website address and/or Twitter profile. You are welcome to encourage others to use the resource and share it.

Is all content free to access? All resources published on CultureHive are free for anyone to access. We may occasionally link to member-only content on but CultureHive resources are free.

Are there any copyright restrictions on resources in the knowledge bank? The AMA publishes resources on CultureHive under An Attribution-Non Commercial Share-Alike Creative Commons License. The license allows copying, distribution and transmission of the work for non-commercial purposes under certain conditions. The AMA has a privacy policy and your use of CultureHive constitutes acceptance of the AMA’s website Terms and Conditions.

I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to co-operate with the reasonable requests by the AMA and will uphold these standards of conduct

The AMA reserves the right to reject the material or return it to you for revision if it does not meet the specifications of standards required by the AMA.

If you are freelance, a consultant, self-employed or working through an agency you are responsible for your own professional indemnity insurance. Employees of organisations need to be aware that if appropriate insurance is not in place then they could be personally responsible. It is therefore important for employees to satisfy themselves that appropriate cover is in place.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any images you send for use with your contribution are public domain or open content images and/or to obtain the relevant permissions to use them.

You warrant to the AMA that your resource content and any accompanying material will be in no way a violation of existing copyright or intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright and related rights, trademarks, right in get-up and any other intellectual property right whether registered or unregistered (“Intellectual Property”), will contain nothing of a libellous, obscene or unlawful nature and that all statements contained purporting to be facts will be true.

You consent to the AMA producing additional content to create awareness and promote your contribution. This would appear in on and offline publications, e-bulletins and through social media platforms.

The AMA is committed to equality of access and opportunity and aims to provide services in forms which address the access requirements of disabled people. The AMA will let you know where possible if there are things you should take into account when submitting your contribution.

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