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Canvas YouTube Playbook

Optimise your YouTube channel and drive engagement with tips from the Canvas YouTube Playbook.

How ethnography can be used in arts marketing

A demonstration of the value of ethnography – how to interpret outcomes rather than needs in order to understand the drivers for attending the arts. Siamack Salari argues that it can provide new insights into the way that consumers interact or engage with the arts and includes interviews with a couple of arts attenders, finding … Read more

Six points to consider before making a marketing video

When planning a marketing video it is important to identify its target audience and marketing objectives, and to ensure content is not overshadowed by artistic expression. A distribution strategy needs to be devised and, wherever possible, outcomes measured. This comprehensive guide identifies six key points to consider when planning a marketing video to ensure the video … Read more

Hyperlocal journalism and your cultural organisation

What is ‘hyperlocal’ journalism and how can it help you? Local websites and blogs can be both a useful source of information and also a vital link to communities for arts and cultural audiences as Sarah Hartley from hyperlocal experts Talk About Local explains in this guide.

Raising awareness through digital animation

The Royal Shakespeare Company successfully used this “Billy Shakespeare” animation trailer to launch their new digital theatre project Midsummer Night’s Dreaming in June 2013. The trailer was used in emails and blogs, and embedded into social media and news websites, including project partners Google+, which helped to promote this project to both new and existing … Read more