AMA Conference 2020

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Tools and resources to keep up-to-date with emerging digital trends

1. Introduction This guide has been designed to provide you with a list of organisations, tools and resources that you can access to keep up to date with new digital trends and their impact on the heritage and cultural sector. You don’t need to follow or sign up to all those listed below. Our experts … Read more

Social media is changing and so should we

As the years have passed, working in social media has become more and more complex. Digital freelancer Rebecca ‘RaRa’ Givens is here to tell you that, you can not – and should not – do it all.

Video: How to get the most from your digital content on social media

All the resources referred to in this presentation can be found on this website. This video is 12 minutes in length and has English closed captions. Simply click on the closed captions symbol CC on the video below to select the captions. Download transcript of English captions (Word file 24kb).  

A guide to raising your profile on social media

1. Introduction The online world is noisy. There’s cat videos, dance trends, memes, podcasts, recipe TikToks, a website dedicated entirely to people posting their thoughts at any given time. It can be hard to cut through the clutter. The good news is, as heritage organisations, you are home to lots of exciting content. Heritage organisations … Read more