Resources tagged with SWOT

Using a situational analysis to create your digital strategy

1. Starting your digital journey with a digital strategy Planning a strategy is a good place to start, or further, your digital journey. This guide shows you how to plan a practical digital strategy with actionable aims. You will see how to make a plan that you can use to focus on using technology, reach … Read more

How to develop a fundraising strategy

This guide will take you through the seven key steps in the fundraising strategy cycle and provide you with the essential ingredients of a good fundraising strategy.

Developing a digital marketing strategy

Gain an overview of the steps needed to develop a digital marketing strategy. This guide will show you how to position your digital strategy and develop a planning framework.

How to create a digital marketing plan

This one-page guide visually outlines the steps to take when creating a digital marketing plan. From SWOT analyses through to measuring success, each step of the framework recommends different actions to take. Ultimately once you’ve worked through the different stages you’ll have the beginnings of a digital marketing plan in place.