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Segmentation: Eco Mindsets

A free segmentation framework to shape environmental sustainability plans and craft messaging that fits your brand and offer. A look at Eco Mindsets, audience insight specialist, MHM‘s targeting and profiling system that helps organisations drive positive behaviour change in support of the environment.

Sustainability: The ETC Theatre Green Book

A step-by-step, easy-to-use tool to guide European Theatres towards net zero emissions across their productions, buildings and operations. It is accompanied by a new self-certification label to help European Theatres measure – and communicate about – this transformation. The ETC Theatre Green Book is the result of a collaboration between ETC, Renew Culture and the … Read more

The AMA’s Green Guide to Working from Home

This comprehensive guide offers practical strategies for sustainable remote work.  From innovative waste management techniques to energy-efficient home office setups, the guide covers essential aspects of reducing your carbon footprint while working from home. It provides region-specific advice on recycling and energy schemes, along with creative ideas for repurposing materials. The guide also delves into … Read more

Report and webinar: Act Green 2023

A report by Indigo following their national sector survey, Act Green. This sector wide research took place throughout July 2023, with 86 organisations gathering 17,500 responses. It explores the role of cultural organisations and their audiences in tackling the climate crisis. Sponsored by Supercool.

Walk the Plank: Green Space Dark Skies Sustainability Impact Report

Green Space Dark Skies (GSDS) was Walk the Plank‘s ambitious cross-sector collaborative project commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK in 2022. The project put environmental sustainability at its heart, achieving some major sustainability successes and impressive carbon savings. The Sustainability Impact Report report shares best practice with organisations delivering outdoor events. 

Arts Council England Environmental Sustainability Report 2021/2022

Every year Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle produce an Environmental Responsibilities Report celebrating the successes of creative and cultural organisations in acting on national and international climate targets. The report covers National Portfolio Organisation’s (NPO)’s environmental data and narratives during the period following the pandemic, as the creative and cultural sector begun to resume … Read more

Sustainability at Walk the Plank 2022-2026

Outdoor arts innovator Walk the Plank (WTP) is a keen advocate for sustainable practice in the outdoor arts sector and is committed to a wide range of initiatives that maximise positive social and economic impact and minimise negative environmental impact. Find out more about their sustainability story.

Sustainability: Engaging live music audiences on travel choices

A major part of the carbon footprint for live music events is how the millions of fans travel to and from gigs and festivals. This report gives recommendations on how to positively influence audience travel choices. Written by researchers Dr. Adam Corner, Climate // Communication // Culture, Briony Latter, Centre for Climate Change and Social … Read more

My essential reads: The value of culture in urban sustainability

Traditionally, sustainable development has been seen as having three main pillars – environmental, social and economic. But what role does culture play in developing sustainable societies? In particular, it appears vital to consider the value of cultural heritage, as it relates to both the tangible and intangible legacy that we receive from the past and … Read more

Compressing images for your website

The amount of energy used by data centres is growing unsustainably. Even if your servers are powered by 100% renewable energy, it’s still important (and cost effective) to compress images before uploading them to your site. Michael Smith, Founder Director at the digital design agency Cog Design guides us through why and how to do … Read more