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The Orchestra Business Model – that’s no way to run a business!

A survey in 2013 by the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) of its members revealed a paradox that while audiences increased by 16% between 2009/10 and 2012/13, earned incomed declined by 11% in real terms. In this article, Mark Pemberton, Director of the ABO, considers whether there is a genuinely new “business model” that could be the salvation of … Read more

Gifts in kind sponsorship

When the Birmingham Repertory Theatre – The REP – celebrated its 100th birthday and the re-opening of its refurbished building in 2013, it wanted to secure sponsorship from a wide range of companies including gifts in kind packages. In this short case study, Development Manager, Anya Sampson describes how the beauty, hair and equipment suppliers … Read more

How have Trustees helped with fundraising at English National Opera?

English National Opera (ENO) is a full time producing company with a world-class reputation for new, exciting and distinctive opera. In this case study ENO’s Development Director, Nicole Newman, describes how she has worked with ENO Trustees to increase their active involvement in fundraising, which has been instrumental in a 100% increase in fundraised income over … Read more