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Using a situational analysis to create your digital strategy

1. Starting your digital journey with a digital strategy Planning a strategy is a good place to start, or further, your digital journey. This guide shows you how to plan a practical digital strategy with actionable aims. You will see how to make a plan that you can use to focus on using technology, reach … Read more

There are no crises only tough decisions

Russell Willis Taylor promotes collaboration, placing a value on employees (as well as audiences) and embracing the potential of new technology and data analysis in this thought-provoking keynote.

How marketers can exploit current and emerging trends in a changing society

Marketers need to understand the current economic, political, technological and social environment that affects their audiences’ behaviour and consumption. This article describes the impact that polarization is having on audiences, how it is affecting organisations and what marketers can do to exploit current trends. The author argues that organisations need to tailor their marketing mix … Read more