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Georgia Rivers: Marketing beyond your core audience

How do you sell a product few people have heard of, many don’t think they need, and that costs a lot? What happens when your core audience is shrinking and lots of your content is available for free online? Where do you look for new audiences… and how would they find you? Opera Australia‘s Sales … Read more

Arts leaders can't afford to forget politics

If ethical questions lead us to pick and choose what is right and wrong from an artistic perspective, or to judge the credentials of our corporate funders, where do we stop? Michelle Wright calls for more debate about the moral high ground of art, in the context of what arts organisations need to do to … Read more

Welsh National Opera in Birmingham

Welsh National Opera (WNO) is based in Cardiff but tours throughout the UK with over 50% of their funding coming from England. Birmingham is of particular importance to WNO – their ‘home in England’ – and it has a strategic emphasis on everything they do. As a touring company one of their challenges is to feel owned by audiences in the cities … Read more

19th Century artforms at the dawn of the 21st

Throughout the last century, the pinnacle of the performing arts was generally considered to be the big lyric forms which dominated the 19th: opera, ballet and orchestral music. But is it a given that these will continue to occupy the same position? Many question that premise, concerned that the large, permanent organisations which have been … Read more