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Resources tagged with new technologies

Principles for a successful technology refresh

1. Introduction As a leader of a heritage organisation, you know that having the right technology is key to achieving your strategic aims, whether that be engaging new audiences or preserving heritage for the future. Yet it’s unlikely you have the resources to upgrade to the latest systems in all areas of your organisation. How … Read more

Why might digital change be a necessary disruption for my organisation?

1. Why change is important Working in the cultural and heritage sectors, you know these uncertain times can be challenging. You want to find time to develop smarter working patterns and reach new audiences. You would like to find novel ways to increase engagement with your events and sites. In this section, we show you … Read more

Extending reach with technology

This case study by Bob Harlow, published by The Wallace Foundation, explores Seattle Opera’s multipronged experiment to deepen relationships and reach new audiences.

Natural partners: digital media and arts

Digital technology has reshaped how businesses interact with the cultural sector in the UK. This report explores the nature of the partnerships between digital media business and arts organisations. Nineteen case studies of partnerships are described, all demonstrating how diverse the collaboration can be.

Creating engaging digital events and projects

The Culture Hack Toolkit is a handy and comprehensive guide to producing your own digital prototyping programme. The toolkit includes information on what motivates people to take part, what questions you should ask before you begin planning, and how participating in a Culture Hack event can support legacy projects and longterm organisational change alongside examples … Read more

There are no crises only tough decisions

Russell Willis Taylor promotes collaboration, placing a value on employees (as well as audiences) and embracing the potential of new technology and data analysis in this thought-provoking keynote.

Considering new technologies

Before diving into (or running away from) the latest technologies it is worth thinking strategically about how they can be used to extend or add value to your marketing activity. If you’re not already familiar with the new tool that you are considering, get online and try it out.